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 Seasons Of Our Love

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PostSubject: Seasons Of Our Love   Seasons Of Our Love EmptyThu Dec 18, 2008 7:08 am

Our love has me feeling so happy and blessed.
A love such as ours should be in every lover's book
Showing a blueprint of the way love should be.
For this is indeed a most wonderful love.

This love reminds me of the seasons of the year.
Springtime found us both so fresh.
Finding our way as we opened the buds of our heart.
Allowing us to enjoy the newness with each kiss.

Summer found us in such a hot romance.
We loved our way through those lazy summer days.
Wishing for more rain showers to dance through.
Finding the end of each rainbow as they led us here.

Fall brought with it briskness and a cooling.
As we took time to stand back and evaluate this love.
Not a second passed before we both realized we were right.
This is the love I wish for the remainder of our days.

Winter gave us comfort before the fireplace.
Letting us share memories of seasons past.
Oh yes my love, this has been the year I always dreamed about.
Looking forward to many more seasons of our love.
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Seasons Of Our Love
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